Business Cork was established in 1989 and is Cork’s number one monthly business news site with a positive and proactive approach to promoting Cork and its business people and businesses. Business Cork also hosts The Cork Business Awards which are now in their 12th year and are the largest annual business awards event in Cork each year. Full details are at

Business Island is the first ever all Island of Ireland business news site. It will serve each of the thirty-two counties on the Island of Ireland. Business Island will also host an annual awards event to recognise and honour businesses, people and organisations from all counties on the Island of Ireland which will be known as The Business Island Awards. Full details are at

Business Little Island is the news site for the business community in Little Island in Cork. Recognised as the leading business district in Ireland South there are over 1,000 businesses based there and over 17,500 employees and visitors come to the area each day. Little Island Business Association is the membership led organisation that promoted the area of Little Island from a business and investment perspective. Little Island Business Association also hosts The LIBA Awards each year to recognise and honour the business community in the area. Full details are at

Hi is the leading local Social Diary that is expanding to every one of the thirty-two counties on the Island of Ireland from 2018. Established in 2012 as Munster’s Social Diary, its new focus from 2018 includes Hi Cork, Hi Dublin, Hi Galway, Hi Donegal, Hi Antrim, Hi Kilkenny and all other counties on the Island of Ireland. Its focus in promoting the very best of local events in each county and the amazing businesses of the areas as Recommended Partners of Hi.

Romantic is Ireland’s wedding news site launching September 2018 with its online resource at and The Romantic Wedding Awards 2019

Civic Life is the news site for the 3,000 Voluntary, Social, Civic and Not for Profit organisations in Cork City and County. Promoted by Cork Civic Trust, Civic Life gives a voice to these 3,000 amazing organisations whose contribution to Civic Life in Cork is outstanding. The Civic Support Fund and The Pride of Cork Awards 2019 are an integral part of supporting the amazing volunteers whose generosity in delivering services in all parts of Cork is what gives heart and soul to communities. Full details are at

Diplomat Ireland and Diplomat Northern Ireland are the official news sites of the Diplomatic and Consular communities on the Island of Ireland. Diplomat and Diplomat Northern Ireland are updated daily with news and content and Diplomat is a foreign affairs news site for the Diplomatic, Consular, Political and Business community on the island of Ireland and those globally with an interest in Ireland. Diplomat is a mix of quality editorial, political commentary on local and world affairs and interviews with Ambassadors, Diplomats, Consular and business leaders. It is essential reading for those in the Diplomatic, Consular and Business community and those working in foreign affairs on behalf of Ireland overseas. With an audience of the Irish government, foreign governments, diplomats, politicians, and the business community, Diplomat is a resource for all people in government, Ambassadors and Diplomats at all Embassies accredited to the Republic Ireland, and Northern Ireland, Ambassadors overseas, Consular Representatives based in Ireland, Consular Representatives overseas, Government Ministers, Members of Dail Eireann, Seanad Eireann, the Stormont Assembly,  EU Commissioners and Members of the European Parliament, Ireland’s leading Chief Executives, Chambers of Commerce throughout Ireland, Businesses throughout Ireland, Business Associations, Promotional agencies in Ireland and overseas and Ireland’s leading hotels. The Diplomatic community in Ireland is a powerful economic force as well as a politically influential one.

Among the initiatives of Diplomat has been the annual event, The Diplomat Dinner which is a key event in the diplomatic calendar in Ireland. In addition, Diplomat, now in its seventh year of publication,  provides a comprehensive update on relevant issues in the Diplomatic and business world. Diplomat promotes the island of Ireland at local, national and international level and is distributed to key decision makers in government, industry and other sectors at national and international level. Access to Diplomat is available free to everyone. Diplomat is one of the leading diplomatic resources on Twitter in Ireland and our Twitter account @diplomatireland is one of the most frequented Twitter accounts for diplomatic interests. Full details are at and

Maxxiuum is the specialist digital content outsourcer that prides itself on its creative and disruptive thinking that will get your business noticed. Digital content can be a puzzle to many and Maxxiuum is a puzzle solver and offers businesses and organisations a fixed priced annual package to manage their content creation, social media message, advertising and so much more. Maxxiuum will work with clients who are changing the face of their businesses through effective digital content. Each time we engage with a new client our knowledge grows, our client’s knowledge grows and we evolve together. We share what we learn across Maxxiuum and our client’s teams. It makes us and our clients better and delivers a very effective strategy that is cohesive.

There are 395,000 businesses across the Island of Ireland and a very small number of businesses currently have effective digital content strategies. Maxxiuum aims to change that with its strategic approach to planning and implementing a unique strategy for each client. We are an all of time, multilingual service provider with the best people and your agenda on our minds. Our clients are our business and together, we build a joint venture.

We use digital tools to help you connect with your customers and generate business results that you have only dreamed of having. Our team of skilled designers, developers and marketers focus on building and leveraging brands and businesses results online. Using these tools to grow your business can be very time consuming for anyone that doesn’t know how to maximise their efforts. The endless opportunities available to us here from our talented team allow us to create amazing content that converts, to build social media profiles and websites that achieve goals and also allows us to design unique and personalised brand experiences that drive your business towards your objectives. Full details are at

Artisan Ireland is the news site for businesses and people in the Artisan Food and Artisan Crafts sector of Irish life. Promoting all counties in Ireland, Artisan Ireland is all about ensuring that the thousands of amazing crafts people whose exceptional products are outstanding examples of what crafts people produce. The motto of Artisan Ireland for its members is best explained as follows – ‘those who conceive in the heart and craft by hand’. Artisan Ireland also hosts The Artisan Awards as an annual event to receognise and acknowledge the very best in the industry.

Full details are at

Inspiring is the news site for Ireland’s most inspiring women in business. Operating on a local branch by branch basis with a President appointed to each branch, our aim is to ensure that every areas in Ireland has an Inspiring branch to support and promote women in business in that area and that it is lead by local business women with the purpose of encouraging more women in business into those areas. Full details are at

Cork City & County Business Federation is a new approach for a new era of business in Cork. It is all about encouraging, empowering and investing in our villages, towns and suburbs of Cork City & County. Our remit includes the promotion of every part of Cork City & County for the benefit of the businesses of the area and the people as well as encouraging a self investment model for the area so as to bring vibrancy to each community. Cork City & County Business Federation is a new voice for the business community in all parts of Cork City & County which consists of 540,000 citizens, 45,000 businesses and 265,000 employees within those businesses. The population of Cork is expected to double to 1m citizens by 2030. Cork City & County Business Federation will have a focus on every village, town and suburb in Cork City & County and wants to ensure that each of these area has an established branch of Cork City & County Business Federation with its own strategy that is going to be beneficial for the area.Full details are at